Get Shower Glass and Mirrors That Reflect Your Style

Get Shower Glass and Mirrors That Reflect Your Style

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A bathroom should feel spacious, peaceful and inviting. Glass showers and decorative mirrors can transform any dark and dingy bathroom into a private oasis. Contact Rock Island Glass to breathe new life into your old and outdated rooms.

We install custom shower doors and mirrors that enhance your bathroom's style and functionality. Choose frameless or traditional glass showers in a variety of designs. Call 309-786-2607 today to speak with an experienced glass technician in Rock Island, IL.

Upgrade your bathroom with a glass shower

Homeowners throughout the country are ditching the old shower curtain for a modern glass shower door. Glass showers aren't just pretty, they:

  • Eliminate cold drafts and breezes
  • Give the illusion of a much larger space
  • Bring more light into your shower
  • Increase your home's overall value

Rock Island Glass has been a go-to source for custom glass products for over 60 years. Count on us to enhance your bathroom's design.